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"Bang bang!" "..Indeed."

Crazy Neko RUN!!
10 January
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This is my public journal. ^_^ I put most pictures on this profile on seperate pages to allow the page to load faster. Please tell me if this is any better than before. =3

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You may call us

You may call us

But there is only
one name for us,

So please call us

Please do not use the above without permission from, and credit towards, myself.

crazy_cosplay <---Cosplay Journal

I started getting back into NEOPETS.
Want to join? Then be referred by: CrazyNekoRun! (Button all thanks to JadedNeo.com!)

Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

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I claim Eric Dill's Anime and Video Games and Ben Romans's MAGICAL HANDS!

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